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E-commerce Fashion Photography Manchester

E-commerce Fashion Photography Manchester

Cove Studio | DC Brands International | Anna Tyburska | Erica Correa    

Hiring the services of a professional photographer for a fashion photoshoot at any of Manchester’s amazing historical locations can really make your fashion product photographs stand out from the crowd. We are one of the UK’s...

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Keeping our customers ‘toasty warm’

Heating the Cove Studio

Our customers will be pleased . . . we've just installed a brand new, state-of-the-art heating system in the studio. For the past year we've been coping with a huge industrial warm-air heater which was fantastic at getting the building real warm, real quick however it wasn't really suitable for us. It was either boiling...

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Invisible Mannequin Photography Manchester

Invisible Mannequin Photography

Invisible Mannequin Photography Why is the invisible mannequin becoming so popular? We've recently noticed a profound rise in the the amount of customers requesting we shoot their products on invisible mannequin's, so we asked ourselves why? As internet sales continue to rise, so does the need for product photography and with so many retailers competing against...

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Still Life Fashion Photography Manchester

Still Life Fashion Photography @ The Cove Studio Manchester

Cove Studio Manchester are specialists in still life fashion photography. We offer high quality photography of fashion products from still life fashion to modelled fashion both in the studio and on location. We cater for businesses of any size and can usually provide our services within...

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